Our Philosophy

West Ryde BASC aims to provide a high quality of care and support for the children, families, and our community.

We believe children learn and develop through play. Play is intrinsically motivated, personally directed, and freely chosen. We value children’s voices and develop our program alongside them to ensure their voices are heard, considered, and actioned. The My Time Our Place (MTOP) framework guides our practice to help our children in Being, Becoming and Belonging.

We aim to provide a purposeful environment that enhances children’s opportunities for play, whether spontaneous or structured. In this, we aim to support children’s emotional, physical, and cognitive development which offers the opportunity to problem solve, build independence, and foster relationships.

We aim to uphold a Rights-based approach in all that we do, by evaluating our program and actions against the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child to ensure we provide quality care to all children. We understand that children have a different perspective to adults, and we wish to explore and unpack that perspective with the children whilst making them feel safe, secure, and included in our service.

We believe that staff play a significant role in planting the seed of growth and development in the children we educate. We aim to support all staff by providing professional development opportunities and demonstrating the value and respect we have for each member of staff. We believe they play a critical role in the structure and success of our Centre. We also acknowledge our volunteer Parent Management Committee plays a vital role in the success of the Centre. Our team aims to listen and respond to all our stakeholders with care and consistency and regularly self-reflect to ensure we are constantly improving upon our practices and relationships.

West Ryde BASC respect, value and appreciate the culturally diverse community that we are a part of. We accept and value every child, staff member and family regardless of race, culture background, religion, sex, or ability. We encourage children, families, and staff to be involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of experiences within the service. We aim to communicate openly and regularly with families and the community about relevant issues, upcoming events, or changes at the service. 
Updated February 2024

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