Our Team

  • Fran Calabro Director

    Fran had worked in the Childcare industry since 2007 and has some previous Director experience. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology, Masters of Commerce and Diploma of Early Chilhood Education and Care. She currently holds First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis and Child Protection training. She is passionate about supporting community based Centres, their families and children. 

  • Mitch Bates Assistant Director

    Mitch joined WRBASC in 2014 as the Assistant Director. He currently holds First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis and Child Protection training. He is a devoted father of 2. Mitch is passionate about being a part of an organisation where the number one priority is delivering high quality care in a supportive environment. He believes in the importance of not-for-profit services which are staffed and lead by people that use them and live/work within the community they operate in. He loves being part of a service that provides children the opportunity to grow, develop and thrive during their early school years where they gain core skills, behaviours and beliefs that they will use to achieve their dreams and aspirations in life.

  • Jade Morgan Assistant Director & Educational Leader

    Jade joined WRBASC in 2015 and has been the Assistant Director and Educational Leader since 2018. She currently holds a Masters of Teaching (Birth - 5 years) and an Undergraduate Degree in Marine Science. She is a loving and devoted mother of 1. Jade is passionate about helping children explore, grow and develop life long skills throughout their Primary School years. She loves being a part of a service that supports their staff, children, families and community.

  • Shannon Anjoul Educational Leader

    Shannon joined WRBASC in 2017 and has been the Educational Leader since 2020. She has completed a Bachelor of Criminology and is currently studying Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) . She loves working at WRBASC because of the children! Shannon is passionate about her roll as Educational Leader because it allows her to provide opportunities to create fun programs based around children's wants and needs while focusing on their development of a range of skills.

  • George Anjoul Senior Educator - WHS Leader

    George joined WRBASC in 2018 and has been the WHS Leader since 2021. He is currently studying his Masters of Dietetics at the University of Sydney. Using his skills and knowledge from his degree he started coordinating the children's menu in 2020 and is excited about enriching the lives of children through healthy and nutritious eating. George is passionate about football and has coached children for 12 years and enjoys playing and teaching the children football skills at WRBASC.

  • Larissa Bagnat Senior Educator - Stage 1 Leader

    Larissa joined WRBASC in 2019 and has previous experience in other child care facilities. She has been the Stage 1 leader since 2023. She loves having the opportunity to build relationships with children and families. She is compassionate about children's growth and development  to learn new skills that helps guide their future.  She is a mum to be! Larissa enjoys camping, playing netball.

  • Mia Liu Senior Educator - Stage 2 Leader

    Mia joined WRBASC in 2020 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie University. She harnesses her particular interest in child and developmental psychology to support the children in their play, growth and decision making. She has been the Stage 2 leader since 2023. She is passionate about dance and fitness and has previously taught children new skills in these areas.

  • Maddy Clancy Senior Educator - Stage 3 Leader

    Maddy joined WRBASC in 2018 and has previously worked in other After School Care services for 2 years. She has been the Stage 3 Leader since 2021. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Nursing at Western Sydney University. She is passionate about working at WRBASC because of the ability to guide children through everyday life skills and activities. Maddy is enthusiastic about heath care, netball and art. She loves building connections and interacting with the children and families at WRBASC.

  • Daniel Azzone Senior Educator - Stage 1 Leader